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Hello all. Day 24?
So I realized what the whole cant breath my lungs are burning thing was. I had a sore throat coming on...DER. So thats unfortunate. Ive been trying to injest lots of liquids today. Currently downing some sort of green tea with honey drink. Its not bad. If this dont cure me I dont know what will. Not feeling as unwell either. Still kind of off rice and fried dishes. So thats been going well.
Another thing i kind of wanted to mention was the amount of bottles they use here! Like obviously we are going to be using alot of bottles here. Only drinking bottled water and such. But even at resteraunts. They serve everything in bottles. So many bottles not enough recycling bins! They also seem to litter here more. Drives me mad watching someone just toss trash on the ground without a care. dummys. Like when we were on that little boat ride in the 3 gorges i saw this one boat leader guy throw an empty bottle at this other boat. Which then of course landed in the water. ooo i was mad. I was real mad. Your supposed to be manning these waters, Sir!
Anyway after where ever i left you off last me and jamie didnt do to much. Took a walk through this little markety place around our hotel. Well, i guess it wasnt really little. It was actually quite large. And it was like a maze. I just wanted out after a while. This place can kind of drive you mad like that. Everywhere you go people trying to sell you things. Then you buy things and people guilt you for lowering the price. For instance jamie was looking for a fan. She found a fan. It was the same sort of fan i had bought earlier for 10$. (the lady i bought it from was not happy with my price either) but ya so she wanted 20 but jamie wouldnt go for anything except for 10. After turning down her offer and walking away the lady was all like FINE and took her money and shook her head at us. I hate it :( We aint cut out for this sort of thing. After we escaped the market we found a subway! Like...the sandwhichy kind. That was exciting. Ive never seen anyone put so much care into a subway sandwhich. I personally would say to much care was put forth. Not enough veggies for my liking. Anyway, thats not interesting.
We stayed in that night and jamie fed me tea. Woke up with my throat in worse condition. More mc d's for breakfast. We done with Mc ds for breakfast! To much. Then it was off to the Terra Cotta warriors. That was pretttyy intereestting. I dunno. It was good. It was good. Yea. Yea it was good.
More subway for lunch to avoid the fried dishes Louis was planning on feeding us. Then we came back to the hotel. Ate shit.
More trains tomorrow. Possibly have some more internet time before that happens. Possibly not. I HATE TRAINS! YUCK.
K bye!

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Blog Seventeeeeennn


sunny 33 °C

How bout we get some complaining out of the way before we really get into this blog?
I havent been feeling 100% Im not totally wrecked or anything. Just sort of queezy stomache sort of thing. Im also getting quite sick of all this fried chinese food. Fried egg rice. When i first had it i couldnt get enough. Now i can barely even look at it. And Louis (or tour guide) takes us out for some chinese meal everyday and i keep saying. No im not going to eat anything. Cause the thought of it makes me sick. But then i eat it anyway cause it always looks delicious..and it usually is...I just need like. Some sort of cheesy caserole or something to change it up. I am kind of off rice though for the time being. I have kept that up. I think jamies not feeling 100% either. But we are both still mobile and doing good enough. I think all the junk food might be getting to me.
ALSO i cant breath today! My throats really burning. Im thinking it might be all the pollution and the fact that everyone smokes here. And you can pretty much smoke anywhere here. Like in this internet bar for instance. BLEGH.
Okay moving along. I left you off the day i got off that boat. After that Louis took us out for another chinese meal. And, as i said, I ate it even though i said i wouldnt. It was quite delicious..Wasnt feeling too good after that. Kind of planned on turning in for the night. But me and the group of us just decided to check out some bars first. See what they look like. First bar we head into I think we are walking into a strippers club. Its this wild funky little place that looks like it should be some crazy club but is actually a quite little bar. We kind of sit down. And some chinese folk actually start speaking to us! It was so pleasant. We were actually having a conversation with some locals rather then have them just stare at us from a few feet away. First we are greeted by (possibly) the bar owner. Thats what we think she was anyway. She was the cutest nicest girl EVER. Too much cute. we could barely handle it. She also appeared to have a thing for this other guy on our tour. She was all like "This boy is very charming. tee hehehehe" And when he just sort of wiped his forhead she ran and fetched him a tissue to dabble up his sweat. hah. And then there was this hip cute chinese boy who had sticken up a conversation with us. I guess he was there to sing at that bar. He told us he was actually on like..a chinese version of american idol called super boy and he came in the top 5. We were all very impressed and got his autograph. Later that night he seranaded some micheal jackson to us (you are not alone) and even sang some Knaan (waving flag) I was super excited. But that song is the theme song to the world cup soccer...something or other. They are crazy about that song. This morning when we went for mc donalds for break fast they actually played that song NON stop on repeat at mc donalds. It was terrible. You dont do that. You dont play a song on repeat like that. Its just so obviously going to kill the song. Anyway i forgot to mention what really reeled us in at that bar. Julie asked if she could have 1 beer. The cute chinese lady was all like 1 beer?!?! You buy 12 beer and get 6 free! And we were all like wtf?! OK. So we shared 18 beers between the 5 of us. Good times.
The next morning we had a long ass stinky as shit train ride to look forward too. And damn was it long and stinky ass shit. Despite being long and stinky and not feeling to well it was one of the funner rides. It was filled with lots of riddles, card tricks and go fish. Didnt sleep tooooo goood. But good enough for a train ride i suppose.
This morning we got into our new hotel somewhere around 7. Its pretty nice. We got a fridge. And the hotel nicely supplys each room with condomns. So thoughtful! We had an hour to freshen up and then it was off to the city wall. (We are in Xi'An now by the way) Its hot as hell here. But we alll decided to go for the bike cycling (as louis likes to call it) anyways. Me and jamie went tandom again. Jamie was nice enough to drag my exauhsted as around the whole 13.5 kilometer wall. After that Louis fed us more chinese food. One dish actually had cashews in it! I was quite excited about the cashews. And that brings us to here. Tomorrow is the taricotta warriors. Dont know how to spell that. Me and jamie are off in search of some Subway while everyone else goes out for Dim Sum. "Why would you skip out on dim sum?!" you might ask. Cause we feel like it thats why. With my vegitarian condition and lack of desire for chinese food in general, it just would not be worth it.
Alright thats it for now. You guys are all da bomb.

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ALRIGHTI ITS BEEN A WHILE. I was on a boat. for 2 nights. I wrote down some notes so i wouldnt forget what to update the blog with. So here we go.
After whereever i left you off at we took a 12 hour train ride over to wherever we are now. (Yichang i belive) the train was nicer then the last one. No crazy mosquito attacks. me and jam were top bunk again. We were eating these fun little cookies that we bought from the store. They were okay. really lemony. But they demanded tea. We had to have tea with them. Good thing we had tea. We thought it would be simple enough to go down to the resteraunt and ask for a cup of which to put out tea in. Trouble was the resteraunt was 9 whole carts away. And we were already warned it would be quite the eventful walk down there. Me and jam decided to go for it anyway. First cart we enter theres a child with her mother. Stares me straight in the eye. Points right at my face and SCREAMS. AHHHHH!!!! and i scream AHHHH. She looked at me like i was a monster! We dont let that stop us. We kept walking. moments later a shirtless dude sitting on the top bunk looks at us and makes the picture gesture. We shake our heads and continue to walk. it was madness! The first cart was the worst. After that it got a bit better. Lots of shirtless old men we had to avoid. But we finally made it to the resteraunt. We are just about to sit down at a table when this man looks at us in discust and shakes his head saying no nono. So..we try a different table. Same reaction. We are like. Okay either they dont like us or the place is closing. What a fail. We have to turn around and walk right back. Cupless and tea less.
The sleep on the bus was okay. I woke up and i really had to pee, naturally. But i really didnt want to use the squatter, naturally. So i decided id wait till we were in the train station. We get off the train and I inform louis (our tour leader) of my situation. He suggests i wait till we stop off at mcdonalds. I trust him and say okay. Maybe an hour later we get to mcdonalds. I run in. NO BATHROOM. So me and a few people walk around in search of one. WE finally find one. Its a squatter of course. Even here the ladies line is always 10 times as long. And the line up situation was really odd. Took forever but we finally got in. God. Its terrible. I was peeing on some one elses crap. pissy shit splattering everywhere. NO toilet paper. And then you get out and theres never any soap! Its awful. And im standing there waiting for jamie to get out and i have to watch all the people not even attempt to wash their hands and horking. BLEGH. Anyway so we go back to Mc donalds. Order our usual (pancakes and hashbrown) service takes forever. Me and jam are the last to get our meal. And we dont get any syrup. And im all like god damnit. When i got my meal with no syrup i asked for some straight away. But she was confused and just walked away. So i tried going up there and asking for some. Making the best syrup and gesture i could. They all just stared at me. I mean, it doesnt seem like that obscure of a request. Eventually a girl tells me One moment. And im like....uh. suuure. so i sit down and wait (jamie hasnt gotten her order yet). Jam gets it. No syrup. Try asking again. no dice. We eat our panckaes without syrup. Yet another fail!
After that we have a 4 hour bus ride to the hotel to look forward to. im not feeling to great so i decide to take a gravol. Im knocked out the entire way. Sleeping at the back of the buss on a row of like..4 seats. Drooling on some nasty ass seat cusion. it was kind of disturbing but im glad i didnt have to be concious for that ride.
After the exauhsting bus ride Louis decides to take us out for some hot pot. Picture a round table with a pot of boiling oil in the middle of it and all kinds of shit getting thrown inside. Every meat imaginable and a few vegitables. Everyones already feeling a bit iffy. So it wasnt the best idea. But i ate my veggies and they were not bad. Everyone else was quite worried for their health afterwards but no one ended up getting sick fortunatly.
After that we take a taxi down to the boat station. We get there and we have about 40 minutes to wait. We are all just piled outside of the station. Minding our own business when he rudest people come and start annoying the hell out of julie. This creepy dude just starts poking her over and over and even goes as far to kick her bag! While some woman (who looks like she could be his mother) creeps around the corner laughing her ass off. Im staring at them in pure discust while they laugh it up. It was unbelievable. Eventually Julie cant take it anymore and lets the guy know if he keeps it up she will kick his ass. We had no more trouble after taht. But jeeze they were treating us like animals!
Man this has not been a great blog so far haha. We finally get on the boat. Its alo nicer then expected. We have our own shower. 2 beds. Western toilet. After a bit of hanging around we eat supper at the resteraunt on the bus. It was suprisingly delicious. We had fried veggies and egg fried rice. With some littles bits of mystery of course.
More hanging out ensues after that. We all decide to hang out on the roof that night. All the sudden we start going through this tunnel thing. Which is essentially 3 walls. Im confused as hell. All the sudden a door closes behind us and the thing starts filling with water. Ive never experianced something like this before. It was kind of creepy. So ya the thing starts filling with water and we just float over the top..i guess? I dont know im still confused by the whole time. We went through alot of those.
The hanging out turns into the BEST FRICKEN GAME OF 7 UP IN MY LIFE!. Me and a couple other people just started talking about it and we actually all played it and it was actually REALLY fun. We played it for HOURs. It got violent...pretty quick actually. It was so extreme. we would smack the hell out of eachothers thumbs hahaha god. And i would always be pissed off and all like SCREW THIS GAME. but then id get up there and feel the power and haha it was just good. Really good.
We let that go on till aobut 2 am and decided to hit the hay. Goodnights were shared and im just chillin on my bed. I just go to close the curtains a bit when EEEEEEE THERES A FRICKEN COCKROACH IN THE CURTAINS AND ITS COMING RIGHT FOR ME OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I JUMP UP I RUN OUT OF THE ROOM ACROSS THE HALL TO THE BOYS ROOM ACROSS THE HALL GET THE BOYS SHOVE THEM OUT OF THEIR ROOM SHOVE THEM IN MINE THEY ARE CONFUSED AS HELL I TRY TO EXPLAIN MYSELF AND..... its too late. They do quite a good search but to no evail. I reallly wanted a body but the couldnt find anything. :( The shit was totally scared out of me at this point and there was no way i was going back to bed. I wanted to keep them there as long as possible in case of another sighting. So I offer them all the snacks they want. I offer them our tv. Me and jamie were even fanning them for a bit. 3 hours pass and its 5 in the morning. I give up on everything and let them free. Me and jamie sleep on the same bed. Its a single bed. And the sleep was actaully decent.
The next day was not tooo eventful. A bit of sight seeing. We get on a smaller boat. (it was a pretty neat boat actually) to get a closer look at the 3 gorges. Much beauty there. Got out went for a bit of a walk. And then the walk got really high. Like, really high up. And i started to get really scared. Held jamies hand all the way back down.
Back on the big boat. We ended up boating through the actual picture thats on the 10$ bill here. That was neeeaaat and beautttiousss.
Another decent sleep, considering the situation. Even though there was no more sightings of the pest after that one time me and jamie still have to sleep on the same bed. Woke up. Jamie went to the 3 gorges dam. I wasnt intrested in that. Too much money and just..not that ineresting to me. So me and jamie were seperatedfor the first time!
Me and the 2 other people were stuck on that boat till 4 pm. It was extremely tedious. I was so bored. Did a bit of colouring. Did a bit of sitting there. Took 2 showers. Thank god i bought this dinky little hand held game from this random store. Its made to look like a ipod touch. but it plays games like tetris and that snake game and frogger and helicopter and it was actually quite fun! And only 10 chinese dollers. So cheap. Jamie says the dam was ok. She says she was a huge celebrity again. Asians were lining up to take pictures with her. And now we are reunited back here in Yichang. The hotel here is quite nice. Didnt get to see it much. But it was nice. OKAY THIS BLOG WAS HELLA LONG. IM JUST GUNNA CUT IT QUICK~

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Day 17. Its only 1 pm so not to much has happened yet. Woke up a bit early to run into to town for breakfast. We have a faveorite resteraunt in Yangshuo. Its called kellys. There are alot of resteraunts here. Alot of empty resteraunts just waiting to serve you and we have chosen kellys. We have been there for breakfast dinner, and after we internet it up we are going for lunch haha. We had chocolate crepes, toast and delicious vanilla coffee. yuummmm. It was raining hardcore this morning too. HARDcore. So we got soaked on the way there. and on the way back. It rains here a lot. After break fast we took a little coligraphy course in the hotel. It was awesome mostly because of the teacher. He had the biggest smile ever. I thought his face may explode. With glee. We all learned how to write our name in chinese (of course) that was pretty interesting. Now we are just wasting time till we have to get on the train. Hanging out on the internet, stuffing our faces, and buying our food of which we can stuff our on the train. After the train we are going on a boat. Possibly for a night or two. Me and jamie are quite uniformed. We could be more informed if we tried harder. But we like the thrill of mystery. Not to much else to report. Just chatting on msn/webcam with my mom right now! So i think im going to focus on that now.

Oh i think i was going to mention how we dont throw toilet paper in the toilet(in our hotel room). we have to throw it in the trash bin. I dont know if i mentioned that. That was disturbing.

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It appears to be day 16 and everything is continuing to go very well. Great sleep last night in a very comfy bed. (or at least in comparison to past beds it was very comfy. I dont think I told you about the insanly hard beds in our first hotel. SUPER hard. Like the bed was literally just made of wood. It was terrible) and this morning i woke up bright and early to see the clothing situation. We did get our clothes. They were damp but we got them. Hurray! We wanted to try running into town for breakfast but we had no time so we had to just eat at the hotel resteraunt again. Not to bad. Just went for the toast, fruit and coffee. We survived. After that was the bike ride. Me and jamie decided to go tandum. Tandom? We decided to go on a bycicle built for 2. Amazing, right? It was. It was a pretty long bike ride. We were riding over to this farmers house where he would feed us, we would hike up this crazy mountain and bike back home. The bike riding was an experiance. Driving a bike built for 2 is pretty intence...at first anyway. Theres a lot to be stearing and a lot more weight to worry about. Also its not that easy going slow or stopping. I drove us the way there. It started raining halfway there. It always starts raining here. This place sure likes to rain. We ran for cover for a while but then we just gave up on it and continued on our way. I was pretty much blind by the end of it. Water and makup going into my eyes. It was a hard pour too. Also by the end of it my green shirt start turning yellow in some spots. I think i sweat bleach sometimes. So we eventually get to the farmers house. Come to think of it it didnt really seem like a farmers house. I did not see no farmer or farm house. maybe i wasnt looking. we didnt even see who cooked our meal. but either way it was good. Unfortunaly most of the meals had meat in them. Just like, cooked carrots with little bits of meat in it. Or green beens with little bits of meat. I didnt want to go hungry or anything so i picked around the meat :( not something i like doing but. Ugh. I decided after this trip im definitely going to remain a hardcore vegitarian. I have to after all this work. Not that i planned on ever stopping. But you know how it is. Im not the only one whose tried and failed at being a vegitiarian. This might be the real deal finally! It made me happy to drive past all the little cows and know that i dont eat them! Okay anyway so we filled our bellies. I was cold wet and exauhsted at this point. but we had a mountain to climb. we had the choice to sit it out but...i was there. so i went for it. 500 steps. 500 slippers steps. With old ladies following you all the way there ready to sell you beverages. Also on that trip. even on our bikes when we would stop for a moment we would always get swarmed with old smiley ladies trying to sell you things. Mostly flowery head bands or rain jackets. No matter how many times you say no they never leave. And these old ladies following us up the hill was a true act of perseverance. It was unbelievable. One lady actually started fanning me on the way up! I felt like a queen! Finally got to the top. It was painful. but we got there. The view was indeed beautiful. I just couldnt stop thinking about how exhausted i was. but the view was beautiful. Went back down. Me and jamie were holding hands very tight all the way up and down. On the way down everyone was trying to convince me it was more dangerous to hold hands. I kept insisting it was safer. Just then jamie takes the biggest slip of her life. I swear if i wasnt holding onto her shed be done for. but i was there. To save her. It was hilarious. After that the grip got much tighter. Bycicled back. Jamie was in the front. The back of the bike was sweet! you dont have to do anything at all! just sit there and enjoy life. Excpet my ass hurt like hell in the back...but it was good. On the way back into town though i couldnt believe the traffic. All of us were trying to get through this traffic circle and there were cars and busses and motercycles everywhere driving right into you honking at you. It was pure insanity!! I cant believe i survived. Oh god and on a tandom bike. It was impossible. ack. The rest of the day has encluded lounging around and stuffing our faces. Supper tonight included curried veggies (seriously. we CANT GET ENOUGH) veggy dumplings, 2 bowls of rice, a beer, a pina coloda, and 2 milkshakes all for 90 chinese dollers. Which works out to be maybe like...15$ canadian? Its really unbelievable. like seriously. Do we have that right?! Cause i cant believe it! Im at a swank internet bar right now. Thats why my writing isnt as rushed today. Yesterday i used the internet at the hotel. SO bad. SO slow. It was killing me. 6 chinese dollers for an hour. In this internet bar its 3 for an hour. And their internet is super fast. and im sitting in a big comfy couch. and theres a guy watching a movie AND playing world of war craft sitting next to me. Its good.
OH something i forgot to talk about yesterday. When we were driving to the river rafting place i seriously had the MOST terrifing experiance of my life. We were driving along. And the drive was already terrifing from all the near fatal crashes we had. Driving is rediculous here. Everyone honks ever few seconds. And back home when some one honks its like Oh god whose honking, why are they honking, what am i doing wrong ahhh. Here its just like. So common. There were many occasions where we were only cenimeters away from hitting another vehicle. Thats just how traffic is here. ANYway. we are driving along and all the sudden i hear loud gunfirey noises. Lots of loud gunfirey noises. I was completely convinced we were in the middle of a HUGE gang shoot out. I was convinced i was done for. After a few moments though i realized..they were just setting off like a million fireworks at once just in the middle of the sidewalk. Like. Wtf...I dont even know. But i thought it was over. And then of course seconds later everyones back to their chit chatting while im sitting there trying to understand how i am still alive. Man.

Anyway i hope this was long and involved enough for you. This internet bar is amazingly cozy and great. So i thought id really dish it out today. Also something i wanted to mention is I realize my spelling is terrible. (I was going to mention this yesterday) I just want you to know i know. And theres nothing we can do about it. So pity me. I guess ill get back to surfing the net. (not facebook unfortunatly...doesnt work here) and stuffing my face.

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