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Third Blog.

Never quit!

Alright so day 4. I feel like shit. I ate shit out of a urinal while sitting on a toilet. But that will be (somewhat) explained later. I also want to say today was a bit of a fail. But a day is what ever you make of it. Started the day with a refreshing little boat ride in the morning. Not so refreshing for some. Breathing in gas fumes most of the way was a bit unpleasant. But i sure did enjoy the gazing. After that me and jamie stumbled around looking for a place to sit. Which seems a bit to uncommon in this place. I find myself looking for a place to sit more then finding a place to sit. Which makes sense. So dont even try to question that. After that we ate subway which made me very happy for some reason. Probably because it was delicious and i was hungry.

After a long and exauhsting past few days of vigerous walking me and jamie decided it would be best to just relax and take a nice day off from all the movement. But instead of doing that we went to the happy valley horse races. And by that i mean we made the long treck over to the place, walk around the ENTIRE building, just to realize it was open today. This is a huge building we are talking about. And we probably could of determined it was not open quite early in the walk. But because we are so damn optamistic and somewhat afraid to ask people questions we walked around the entire place. Im sure we are much stronger women now because it it. Surely...

After that we were ACTUALLY SERIOUSLY exahsted to we made are way back to the hostel to pass out. And we actually did that this time. Ending the day with a bit of a shopping spree in this hilarious mall by our hostel and..oh ya the shitty part...See theres this place here called the Modern Toilet. And we naturally wanted to check this place out. even though we ate a whole bunch moments earlier we just had to check it out while we were still staying in the area. After a bit of a treck we found the place. It was everything we imagined. (actually a bit fancier then i imagined) But it definitely was a restaraunt where you sit on toilets and eat out of toilets. Who doesnt want that. Even though our bellies were filled we found something to order. I got green tea with ice cream and jamie got a green tea smoothie. Well neither of us actually had room to put this shit in our bellies but because im a champ not only did i chuck my order but i assisted jamie in consuming hers as well. Thus the feeling of shit. But..it was worth it. Im a stronger woman now because of it..surely.

Eating situation was alright today...We got super starving at supper time with no idea where to go. So we just went to the closest thing that seemed to have a vegitarian option which turned out to be The Spegetti House. It was quite good. A little bit pricey. not to pricey i guess. probably a bit less then 10$ canadian. But here thats kind of average. I got a lasagnia. They actually have quite a few spegetti houses here.

Okay. Still feel like shit. Goodnight!

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Second Blog.

Doin this again.

Moving on todays food situation has been...pretty good. More(delicious) baked goods for breakfast with an iced coffee from McDonalds. I was starting to worry cause every morning i woke up craving coffee but moments later remembering how damn hot it is here and how thats just a bad idea. Iced coffee! Genius. This day consisted of much park wandering. 3 whole parks we wandered around. Beautiful parks. This day also consisted of making a new friend. Though i argue that me and jamie never really make friends rather people make friends with us. In attempts to set the camera on top of this bush to take a nice picture of the both of us in front of...something cool looking..this nice lady named MJ came to are rescue offering to take it for us. Then friendship ensued. Stories were shared. Laughs were had. And now we may never meet again. TRAGIC! She sure was cool though.
At this one park we went to it actually had a vegitarian restaraunt in it! I WAS SO HAPPY! And we got all this weird mysterious and delicious food and i ate it and jamie ate it and then we had a fruit smoothie OH! and tea! and i was so happy cause i really wanted tea. And then a tear of joy came to my eye for a breif moment.
Oh. I used my very first squat toilet today. (By the way, this is bailey writing this if you havent guessed) It was quite successful. I wasnt to worried about it really. jamie pussied out. (for now)

The day ended with..OH! WAIT THE DAYS NOT OVER
We were looking for some supper and jamie looked up this vegetarian reseraunt near by and we went to it. Judging by the menu it appears we had different ideas of what vegetarian is. So we left that place to wander and find something else. When passing this one place this lady came out to us all desperate saying "come! eat our food!" and i was all "Can you make me something vegetarian?" And she said Yes sure! and reeled us in. So i ordered said vegitarian meal. Which was a noodley thing with pork in it. I was assured she would make it without pork. And...well i think they tried to kind of make it without pork. Im not sure what was in my meal but it surely was not meatless. I told her about it and she kindly replaced my meal. I must say though. I did have quite a few bites before i realized :( sad feeling.

so the day finally ended with the light show overlooking the water/city sky line. It was cool. The sky is so purple here! Ahh! Oh and afterwords we were graced with live music. No comment.

Oh i also forgot to mention...yesterday when wandering about this man approched me. "Blouse?! Blouse?!" He proclaimed. "Uh...youu like my shirt?" I replied. "No. you want blouse. custom made. blouse?"
"Uhhh no blouse" I reply "How bout for your mother?" He says pointing at jamie.
lols ensued.
"Not my mom!" I warned. "oooh maybe. maybe the haircut confused me"
We walk away.


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First BLOG.

We just tryin to blog here.

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Hay world. Check it out. Its Bailey and Jamie. And we bloggin! (I think..)This is quite the process. I dont know if this site will continue to work in China. But I suppose we shall see. Alright lets get to it.

We in Hong Kong right now. After the decently pleasant 12 hour flight here right when we got off the plane for the most part we had ourselves figured out. Right when we left the airport we were hit with the hot humid air of Hong Kong. And im not going to say its unpleasant. I almost kind of like it in a way. It feels like we are swimming everywhere the air is just that humid. Anyway out of the airport and on to some bus. Of course im just blindly following Jamie at this point, but still feeling like such a champ. We get on this double deckery bus and watch the view as it takes us to our first destination. The view is wicked insanely beautiful. My jaw may have been dropped the whole time as some man in the back of the bus drools and snores the whole way there. (HE WAS MISSING OUT ON THE VIEW OF A LIFETIME!!) Everything here..well, on the way there anyway..was so green and lush and mountainy. It was more then I could have imagined. Anyway the scenic beauty eventually ends after a few minutes and we are introduced to a new kind of scenic beauty. We are driving into the city of Mongkok and the view changes from big beautiful mountains to insanely tall rugged and shady looking buildings with big signs hanging off them and crazy semi-agressive traffic. It might sound unattractive to you but it all just has this weird sort of appeal to it. I like it. And jamie likes it too.

So we get off the bus and everythings crazy. Jamie has her map out. Im back to blindly following her. And we are walking around trying to find out first hostel. (Dragon Hostel) A few minutes of wandering around pass and Jamie finally proclaims we are lost. While both of us appear to be keeping our cool inside we are both thinking oh shit where are we what are we doing here what if we are lost?! what would we do?! where would we go!? WE ARE GUNNA WE SLEEPING ON THE STREETS! But then we just realize...we just have to go up these shady looking stairs to get there. Quickly realizing that not everything that appears to be shady here is actually shady. We were greeted by a fairly nice elevator man directing us to go up to floor 7. Once we get there we are greeted once again by decently nice people informing us to come back to get our room at 2.

So as planned me and jamie (suprisingly not overly exhausted) go take advantage of free museum day. We have to take the subway there which once again was suprisingly easy for us. (or jamie rather. as she is the brains of this operation) there was a moment where we were pulling the classic lost tourist pose. Standing there with a map in our hand looking in all directions. But this nice lady took notice and guided us in in the right direction.

The art museum was fun. Space museum was a disapointment. Wandering around this crazy city was the coolest. 2:00 was finally aproaching and we headed back to our room. (to finally see our new abode) And well. It was a closet as expected. Not the most hideous closet. It had 2 beds and just enough floor space for our bags. So we were happy enough.
After that we new we knew we had to go attempt to feed ourselves. After already checking out some shops on our wandering we knew this wouldnt be easy. We went to the first place we could find that offered something vegitarian. Entered said place. And pointed to said vegitarian meal on the menu. Fried rice noodles. Plain as hell but I was just happy we found something. It was not bad. Nothing special though.
Back to more wandering. We went to the fish market. If you can picture an entire street dedicated to selling goldfish of every sort, thats what we saw. Streets and streets filled with gold fish. We werent sure if these people were buying these fish to love and care for or to eat. But apparently people like their goldfish here. Unfortunatly after a while me and jamie walked right into the worst smell of our lives. Smelled like a dead shit corps. So we thought okay lets speed up our walking a bit. But little did we know we were just walking more and more into this stench. Im sure we had a good minute of walking in this stench and it WILL haunt me forever.
Alright so after that was the flower market (much like the fish one but alot more pleasant) Some sort of bird..market street. Which was kind of depressing. And. I think we did some shopping at the Ladies Market possibly. Instantly i was hit with the need to buy everything. But i didnt. but i did buy some stuff. Yay buying things is funnn. I have yet to bargin anything down yet. Mostly everything ive gotten it quite cheap to begin with.
End of day one. Me and jamie pass out. Oh. but I take a shower first. This is how their bathroom is situated. A room about 4 feet by 2 feet. Sink. Toilet opposite the sink. Shower above the toilet. Your in there trying to shower while getting the entire room wet. Seems more unpleasant then it actually is. Its quite the experiance though.

Day 2 me and jamie wander the streets to find breakfast which ends up being some delicious baked goods. We find the most beautiful park ever to eat it in (Kowloon park) and then do some more wandering. Im keeping day 2 short cause shit. Im not writing a novel here. The night consists of hanging out with Janice. (Adams boyfriend Jasons sister) And she takes us to this hooty tooty art show which was actually really fun. We totally got to walk around with champagne in our hands and contemplate the work of the artists like they do in the movies. or..where ever they do that. Janice fed us good food and obscene jello shooters and we hung out with her fun friends at...some...bar.


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