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"I went everywhere today"

Day 9 people. Todays probably been the craziest day yet. You see i have this mug back home that i got from starbucks and it tries to be all cool and hip and on the side of it its like "I went everywhere today" and whenever i see it im like man thats just impossible. Why even say something so stupid. Well. Today it finally happened. (Or at least it happened the most it ever will happen) It started off with a nice toast and scrambled egg breakfast. With coffee! Very delightful. Then we made our way to the Window of the World. Which is a theme park that has miniature versions of all the main tourist attractions in the world such as the eiffle tower or the leaning tower of pisa or the sydney opera house. On our way there we took yet another walk through a cool garden. This garden was more fun the expected. More walking and training ensued and we finally made it. Window of the World. Thats pretty much what the last week had been building up to and we were finally there. And it certainly did not disapoint. To way passed our expectations. So we were walking around seeing the cool sights and we came upon a miniature niagra falls. "Sweet!" we thought. We also though we should try and get a pic with both of us in it. So we asked these fun nice looking girls if they would assist us. And naturally they were quite happy to do so. But little did we know they were MORE then happy to assist us. They actually asked if they could get a picture with US. It took us a while to realize what was going on. At first we were like Oh you guys want a picture together too? Thats cool. but when i went to go take the camera they were like nono as they pointed at us. Then I turn around and some guy has his arm around jamie as hes getting someone to take a picture of the 2 of them. It quickly kicked in what was happening. Everyone was so overwhelmed by our sexiness they needed to have a photo with us. Either that or they knew me from youtube or myspace or something. Which is all very probable. Anyway we humoured everyone and everyone got their pictures....WEll..not everyone apparently. We walked a bit more still in a daze about what happened and off in the distance we see these guys taking pictures of us. LOL Am i right? So I go to stand in front a mini white house and they make their move, asking for their own white folk pic. Me being the attention love I am I had no problem with it. Jamie got sick of it pretty fast though. I was just trying to make myself believe i was super famous or something and everyone knew me from my latest hit song. Ahh yes. I was living out my dream..somewhat. So ya we got out of there shortly after that episode.
On this little map we had of our area it informed us a wal-mart was somewhat near by our hostel. So we wanted to check it out. And we did. Not as exciting as I thought it would be. but it was okay. We got some blue berry, kiwi and cucumber flavoured chips. (all seperate flavours) and we are pretty excited to try those later. They also sold alcohol right in the store.
After that we had to make the looonngg trek back to the hostel. (it was very long. my bodys starting to hate me again) And it was supper time. The map also informed us of some sort of western resterant by our hostel so we went searching for that. Im not sure if we found it but we went to the nearest resteraunt that had english outside of it. Unfortunately there was no english inside of it. We sit down and are given menues completely written in chinese. We stare at the menu for a few moments then back at the waiter..in fear. Trying to explain our situtation she eventually goes off to grab a different waiter who kind of speaks english. We try to explain to him in as many different ways possible that we dont eat meat. And well...I think he kind of understood..maybe. We let him know as long as we get food that is meatless we will eat what ever you give us. So off he goes and we hope for the best. The meal starts off with these delicious little frozen green tea sort of thing. It was a good start! Later the food is brought to us. there were 3 different plates. one with just tofu, one with..these..veggy noodley looking things, and one sort of vegitable me and jamie like to call the shower cap. Might be some sort of cabbage. That all goes pretty well. We are both quite confident the meals are in fact vegitarian. then a bowl of noodles come. That was a bit more questionable. there were these little pieces of shredded mystery. Looked like meat but we couldnt tell. Then this little ball. Which just had to be a sausage meat ball of some sort. Jamie tried it and that was her conclusion. I decided to just avoid it. And then this oter mystery ball that looked like some sort of nut at first but actually turned out to be an egg. probably a duck egg of some sort. Anyway we ate it. It was an extremely difficult situation but we just went in there and did our best and came out with full tummys. So im satisfied. Im not sure how the rest of our trip in china will go however.....
Alright well that was a BIG big day. We gunna go eat some blueberry chips now!

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Blog Seven!

Finally in China.

Day 8 and we are finally in China for the first time. We had an exhausting little trip over here this morning which constisted of many train rides. Or..at least a few. Everything ran smoothly. Any time we or jamie had an ounce of confusion in our faces we were guided in the right direction. Its been raining alll day long too :( Getting my damn ankles soaked! Anyway we made it to our hostel and its the nicest one we had yet thankfully! We have 2 double beds and a window and a real nice bathroom! It actually has a real shower in it. So we are thrilled. Our night shall be spent drinking lots of tea and having nice relaxing bowl movements, showering and repeat. We tried venturing out for a bit after we got here and i have to say. Or we have to say rather...WE MISS HONG KONG! English here is much more limited and all the cars honk non stop for no reason and turtles in the grocery store :(:(:(:( and we got our first view of a woman taking i giant spit on the ground. We didnt last to long out there. Just grapping a dried noodle bowl at the grocery store to make back at our hostel. I was going to try and eat something at a resteraunt but everythings alot more intimidating here. Wah. At least our hostel is super nice though. It even has a puppy! A cute one too! :):):) Not much more to report. Since we are in china facebook indeed does not work. But luckily this blogging site does. You may communicate to us through email if you wish. I guess we are gunna get back to enjoying our nice bathroom situation.

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Blog Six.

First week!

Day 7 everyone! Thats one whole week. I already feel like i know this place inside and out. Its been a very good week. Many ups and downs. An overload of new experiances and even more to come. Today was yet another take it easy day in preparation for our first real venture into China tomorrow. Not to much on the agenda. We finally did the peak tram which was pretty neat. Lots of heights and EXTREME wind. Im suprised we did not fly away. Im suprised I kept my composure. After that we decided to take a walk around Hong Kong park. Which was of course beautiful. (Like every other park here) There was this aviary that we walked around and we were actually inside with the birds rather then staring at them in cages. Again im suprised I kept my composure. I think i may be really getting over my fear of birds which is good! Tonight consisted of junk food cheap dinner. (same as yesterday except we shared it this time. to keep it cheap) Oh ya we decided to start trying to be more cheap and bum like. It occured to us today how much we've been spending on food. To much for our liking. So incelebration of this new decision we went out and bought a whole bunch of junk food. *lame face* We DID buy some high fibre and iron crackers though which will hopfully get us through the next few lunches. (mothers. dont worry yourself. We are keeping ourselves well fed. You should have seen the lunch jamie had today! So much food and she ate it all! What a woman shes becoming) My leg/possible bug bite situation is not getting better. :( I really think it must have been bed bugs and it appears i have scratched so hard i have bruised myself! Its terrible. Im hoping they will just disapear soon. Anyway tomorrow we are heading to...Sehn Szen? China? Something like that. I dont believe they have facebook and who knows what the internet situation will be. So dont be worried by the lack of posts for the next couple days. Wish us luck...I doubt Sehn Szen will be as easy going as Hong Kong. But i believe in me and jamie. And you should too. Just look at how far weve come! Its incredible. Alright gunna go shower and shave for the first time. (Also we cant upload pics on this computer..soorryy) You are all da bomb. byebye.

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Blog Five?


Day...Six? Alright last night was bad you guys. Our hostel was in the most beautiful place EVER. But. Me and jamie are just to big of babys to have enjoyed it. Did i explain the situation? How it was getting dark and me and jamie thought we'd go for a nice sight seeing stroll but were quickly chased back to our room by the BIGGEST GROUP OF MOTH GANGSTERS EVER! And we were panicing and runing around like we were in some war zone dodging bullets. Meanwhile people are just lounging around and relaxing in this horror scene. AH.
So the night was spent in fear. And we got out of that place pretty quick. To bad jamies camera decided to die while we were there (it seems to be brought back to life now)
So ya now we are in the cosmic hostel and it is so amazing i could cry. Actually i probably did come to think of it. Ive been crying at least 3 or 4 tears of joy a day. But we have 2 beds AND a window AND a bathroom in our room for only about 13$ canadian! The bathroom in the room isnt to much of a perk though. As now pooping shall be a bit uncomfortable...But..we will see.
We finally sort of took it easy today. Walking around a few more markets. Checked out a crazy insence filled temple. And. OH we bought salt & vinager chips of which we plan on eating later tonight and that is exciting for us. We also went on (part of) the longest sucession of escelators in the world! That was kind of sort of neat. Anyway im really greesy. (we couldnt really use the bathrooms or showers last night at all) ((OH we also saw a naked man last night while checking out the place)) Food situation today was a bit of a panic but ended well. We found these veggy and cheese rolls. Kind of like a donair without the donair. And that was tasty. Cant stress enough how much i love this hostel right now. Especially in comparison to last nights horror.

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Fourth Blog.

Theres bugs and we frightened!

DAY5. going to be a quickone cause internet sucks and costs stuff here. Woke up this morning and attended a quaint and free little cake baking class. That was funnn and tastyy. even though after yesterdays shitty dad i swore off eating bad food for today. OH WELL. The rest of the day since then has been panic. Went forwalk in this parkin hopes of seeing my first panda but was sadly disapointed by the lack of panda. Then we checked out of our first hostle and found our where here to the jockey club hostel international thing. which is where we are now. The ride here was wild.completely surroundedby nature and beauty. I mean the place it self is amazingly beautiful and cool but...me and jamie dont get along with insects unfortunatly. So this will be our last night. Also we discovered i have some sort of issue that may or may not have been bedbugs. I just have all these itchylittle bumps that appear to sortof be like..mosquito bites. the only thing is that i havent seen that many bugs actuallyon me. So..im nervous. butill justtry not to think about it. Also this keyboard sucks which is why i sound more retarded then usual.
OH also i found out I completely forgot ot put gangsterrap on my ipod today:( so i wrote my own rap. Not the same but it was prettygood. Imsad about the lackof rap though.

Oh also also. food situation worked out once again. And we are still yet to only see roaches in squished form whch i am thankful for.

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