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So i left you off the day before leaving hong kong or something...that next day we woke up. did a last minute shopping spree with the last bit of our hong kong money. Ate some delicious waffles they sell here (they slather delicious sauce all over it. GOD its good) And then we met up with everyone to go get on training. (taking the train-training) That was interesting. there were 6 beds per compartment. 3 on each wall. i was on the very top. and so were all the mosquitos. It was pretty much my job to SAVE EVERYONES LIFE. And i did a pretty bad ass job. Guts all over my socks. guts everywhere. We ate some food on the train. Honestly, what i ordered wasnt to tragic. But as for some other people..There 2 guys got the braised chicken with veggies and rice. And well..it was mostly bone. and.mostly...chicken feet. Me and jamie were quite terrified. and so was everyone else (only somewhat though. the guys actually did eat the feet...) Played some cards. Drank a giant beer. and attempted to sleep. That didnt go to well. Next day we had to get off the train at about 7. took a bus to our hotel. (which is prettty nice by the way. Minus the bugs. which arent as bad as they could be) And ate breakfast at the hotel. That was a scene haha. After we get there mostly everone else has already ordered there food. We go ahead and order and thats when the hylarity ensues. We here of a maggot that was found in one of our tour mates orange juice. And after that nothing really gets better (or worse really) the food was just one big risk. Once again mine wasnt terrible. Just the sounds i was hearing from everywhere else was kind of freaking me. Anyway i ate all my food. (jamie did not. she did not even touch her OJ) and we went on our way to this cool rafting adventure type thing. We were floating down this river and it was the most amazing view. The hills. everything. cant really descibe it. it was just...amazing. I showed my tour guide and some other people the condition my legs are in. and i actually made him gasp. Everyone settled on bed bugs. Jamie was freaking cause she was starting to get some too. And i was kind of like...meh. What i dont see dont..bug me..heh heh. A nice fellow on our tour has lent us his bite cream. hopfully that does something. After that we went out for some lunch/dinner. My vegitarianism kind of failed once again. We got some good curry veggies. (We coo coo for curry) and Stuffed green peppers with eggplant and tofu. Sounds vegitarian, right? Whose going to put tofu in a meaty meal? Well apparently they do. I tried to pick out some tofu and gave the rest up to who ever wanted it. After that we went for milkshakes! And i got an oreo banana one and it tasted just like the ones i make at home and i was soo happpyyy :) and then..we bought more junk food..and then we went back to the hotel to begin project santitize...which includes taking everything out of our bags, shaking our bags out, wiping things down, and washing ALL our clothes. Like...All of them. We are idiots. Jamie is sitting upstairs in our room in nothing but a long tshirt. And i have all my crazy random asian clothes i have purchased and some stinky shorty shorts that smell like feet. Like. I dont even have underwear on right now guys. This is a problem. Theres a chance our clothes wont be ready in time for tomorrow...We are supposed to go on this bike ride at 930. So. Ya this is a problem. I guess all we can do is eat shit, and hang around our room naked hoping for the best.

Tours going very well so far. There are alot of nice people on this trip. And our tour guide is hilarious. So everythings going mostly well. Mostly...hah

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I fail Blog Twelve


Day 13 has been a marvelous day. Woke up and had a nice breakfast at the bakery (blueberry and cheese muffin type thing. YUM.) Checked out of our last hostel and checked into our first fancy shamcy hotel. Its officially day 1 of our tour. The hotel is definitely shmacy. Mini fridge. tv. shower. Beds are probably the least comfortable yet though unfortunately. The rest of the day was spent beaching it up and site seeing in Cheung Chau. It was amazing. To bad it was a little bit rushed ( we had to make it back to the hotel at 630 for a group meeting) but we pretty much saw all we needed to see. It was the most beautiful place ive ever seen. Im still trying to take it all in. There we bought frozen pinapple on a stick. that was fun. After that we raced back to the hotel as so not to be to late for the meeting. On the way however me and jamie just HAD to stop for the metiphorical juji fruit. Except the juji fruit was actually subway. If you know sienfeld you may have an idea of what we are taking about. And you are probably still a bit confused. but im just going to leave it at that. Made it to the meeting..only about 25 minutes late. Leader guy talked for quite a while. Got..somewhat introduced to eachother. And then we seperated while some people went off to go see the light show (which we had already seen) apparently they got there and missed it though..unfortunate. Me and jamie felt like such pros sitting there amungst a group of first time hong kongers. Only to go out in search of supper that night just to come back to the hotel with noodle cups haha. Oh well. Tomorrows officially our last hong kong day and wee saddd. hopefully the rest of the trip goes just as amazingly! \
we are finally on a computer where we can upload pics. So enjoy!

oh and ps Nicholas - Today i got on a random shady boat like you said not to. But it was really cool and fun and way more efficiant then walking! Only cost 1.50 Canadian. Sorry bro.

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Blog Ten perhaps?


Day 12 is it??? I think so. Im not on the dumb computer today! Yayy. Today was quite the day. We made another attempt at a different race horse race horse course and was SO close to failing once again. But we realized we just took the wrong train and finally made it. It was pretty cool. There was lots of waiting. And when the race actually happened it happened so quick. but still good fun. Me and jamie made 2 bets each on different horses. Failed every time but it was still quite a thrill. Mine came very close once! We stayed there for a while. The plan for the rest of the day was Edamame beans from this hip little...resterant/hipster store type thing. The edamame beans were good. The asparagus was a fail. Im pretty sure it had some sort of obscure meat on it :( i made sure to eat around it. I would have felt bad not eating it. Waitresses like to watch you eat their food here apparently. OH a funny story i forgot to mention yesterday..Me and jamie ate at this small cafe yesterday. They had more curry there and we a fan of the curry. Thing was that they had a Baked vegitable curry and a mixed veggy curry. So we were just kind of curious what the difference between the 2 were exactly. So I ask the waitress and right away she scurries off to find the answer. She gets the manager in on it. They are researching things online it appears and writing things down. Quite some time has passed we can only imagine what sort of novel of an answer they will have for us. Jamie whispers "we are not worth it!" [all the hard work they seemed to be putting forth] which was true. anyway she eventually comes back. hands me the paper in silence and it reads
and then it says broccoli but its scratched out. I read the paper and want to LOL big time. But instead i politely say Alright we will get the baked curry. hahah
OK moving on. After the edamame we went to this Charlie brown cafe we found earlier that week while wondering around. It was super cool! We ate more food there. (I got this mixed veggy on top of an egg on top of rice in a pumpkin sauce thing...At a charlie brown cafe! and it was good! Jamie got this rice rosetta thing) And then i got a chocolate pudding thing and she got a mocha. All very yum. We sat and watched some charlie brown..which had no sound unfortunatly and then were later chased out of the place by these crazy kids having a bday party. THEY WERE INSANE!
So after that there was still time left in the day. We decided to check out the night market at night, rather then in the day when we checked it before. And it was much more eventful. They had everything. Fake food, videos games, pipes, laser pointers, penises, pocket watches, THEY HAD IT ALL! So we went on a bit of a shopping spree. hehehehehe it was FUN! Yay shopping sprees! But boo all this money thats being spent. But once again, its not as much as it seems. 10$=about 1$ canadian here. So meh.
Fun day today! OH also something that was funny. there were 2 whole sperate old men we whittnessed today who had that dumb "they call me shaylaa they call me boe, thats not my name thats not my namee"song as their ring tone. It was hystarical. I HATE THAT SONG! it was hystarical though.
Oh and Bradley i think it was who was wondering? The chips were actually quite decent! Out of all of them the blueberry ended up being my faveorite. I wouldnt mind eating those again.
So there. Theres a big ol blog for you all. I think i wasted enough time on here. We have this system now where one person uses the internet to give the other person peacful and quiet bathroom time. (if you have forgotten, our bathroom is in the same room as our room. Theres hardley even a door seperating) My turn in there now! Wish me luck!

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blog 10


Day 11. WOW day 11! Gunna be another quicky. Stupid computer. We did macau today. That was the plan. We got there decently easy enough. Once we got there we were kind of hit with a "Okay. Now what do we do" sort of thing. But quickly we figured out how to get into town and we did somee exploring. It was pretty cool. Lots of people. And at one point there was just this sexy lady posing for all these random people to take a picture of her. Like. Just a group of random shmoes. Then she would walk somewhere else and they would follow her to photograph her. It was quite intruiging but we just couldnt understand. I gambled for the first time. Did a slot. not very fun. we got out pretty quick. Ate some more curry which was quite delicious. Actually we did quite a bit of eating. Ate margeretes famous egg tarts...apparently. And ya! We so fat this trip... So that was pretty much our day. We watched some skaters skatboard before we came home. that was fun. Also macau is very mezmerizing at night. soo manny liigghts. We also burnt the roof of our mouth with the tarts :( I HATE THIS KEYBOARD SO MUCH. AND I HAVE TO STAND WHILE ON THIS COMPUTER CAUSE ITS LIKE ATTACHED TO THE WALL GOD DAMNIT. Okay okay im gunna go Me and jamie like to have movie night every night casue we have a TV inuor room. we never seem to watch the whole movie though. Dr.Dolittle was on last night/this morning. I think xmen is on now.

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Blog Nine


Okay day 10. im gunna try and make this quick. im on this uncomfortable computer with a dumb keyboard today. Made our way back to hong kong which we were excited about. (hong kong is like home to us) and we ventured out to the stanely market. There we ate some vegitarian curry with a cashew sauce and jamie really enjoyed it. Get this...she said it was GOOD! I was amazed. And tonight has been another classic fatty junk food night. Weve been spending alot of nights this way...so far no puke though so we are good! OH we also saw our first live roach today....it was so sudden. I feel not to torn up about it. I think jamie probably feels a bit different. but ya. shitty.
Okay im out of here! This keyboard SUCKS!!

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