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I think its like...day 27? Im confused now because i was under the impression i was staying in china for 30 days. But..Im not coming home in 3 days. Im coming home on the 24th of june...So i guess im in china for more then 30 days? How hardcore of me!
Like i said..or possibly didnt say. Took a 16 hour train to Shanghai. UG trains. dumb trains. We were going through a spot that had malaria (our nice and handy doctor friend told us that) so everyone put on lottss of bug repellent that night. I had 3 different repellents covering my body and i did not get one bite! Neither did jamie i dont think. Only one girl we know did...and i think shes okay. So great! Didnt sleep well on the train. My illness was going through the process of turning into a full fledged cold. So my breathing was a bit off. But we made it. Made it to Shanghai. First day in Shanghai was shitty. Just a straight up bad day. Got in about..130. Hot as HELL. Possibly hotter. With our huge ass bags. And i had a cold. SO HOT. We had to take the subway a couple stops then walk a few blocks to our hotel with stupid ass people shoving flyers in our faces trying to sell us bags purses and watchs. The minute your done saying NO to one person theres another person trying to sell the exact same thing. Everyone was quite miserable. Finally made it to the hotel. None of our rooms are ready. Except for one. So we decide to drag our sweaty post train grimy bodies into the hotel resteraunt and eat something while we wait. Cant order anything cause nothings in english and all the pictures appear to have meat on everything. Wait for louis to order us a vegitarian meal. Noodles and broccoli. Its essentially the cup of noodles we had on the train. Not great. Rooms still not ready. Have to go on the little orientation walk to get us familiar with the area. The area is quite nice actually. Lots of trees. Quaint looking shops. Nice area. Get back around 4 or 5. Rooms are FINALLY done. We shower and shit (litterally) then its off to the acrobat show. That was pretty hilarious. I think i would have been more impressed if I didnt already see that same sort of thing back home at k days. But it was still impressive of course. They used the corniest music. Just your average..corny music. And the anouncer lady was anouncing the next act..."No one can forget the beautiful love sort of jack and ?erty?sdff?"
"Jack and who?" I say

  • music starts* "Evvverrry night in myy dreams, I see you, i feeell you, that is how i know you. Go oonnn"

So if you diddnt get that. They had a whole little titanic segment of the show. Guy and a girl and 2 ribbons hanging from the ceiling...ceiling? is that how you spell it? Roof? Anyway they wrapped themselve in that, danced around. It was really impressive. I just cant explain it. At one point the guy was wrapped up really high up twirling around and hanging on to the girl by i rope tied to her neck...Messed.
The show ended with the ball of death...as they called it. It was a big caged ball and 5 whole people riding motercycles in it. Also messed. Oh and one was a sexy lady. She was left for last of course. Yay sexy ladies driving moter cycles in leather in the ball of death. Oh and they played star wars music for that one. harharahrhar
After that louis said he was taking us for italian dinner. I was alll like YAY super cheesy delicious lasangia! Too bad my hopes were so high. It wasnt that impressive. not to many vegitarian options. Got a pizza and some sort of pasta to share with jamie. It was decent.
Next day (today) louis took us on another walk around shanghai. He eventually split up with us as we continued to walk. Over 6 hours of non stop walking! It was unbelievable when we realized. What I got from this day is that Shanghai
1. Its not as hot as that first day every day. Today was a bit cooler. Bit rainy. Quite nice
2. Has lots of cool and interesting buildings
3. Its SUPPER over populated
Not to much else to offer here for the most part. I found a smoothie place! I was so excited. It was called Boost. I got a berry smoothie and then later got like...the healthiest smothie ever. With musli, green tea, banana protein, soy milk, with an engery immunity and..something else booster. SO healthy and SO delicious. Yayy
Tomorrows plan is the world expo. Thats right. We doin it guys. Everyone was all like You goin to the expo? before we came. And yup we are. Even though we had alot of people (including louis)telling us not to go, its not worth it, lines are crazy blah blah. We decided to go for it. Justcause. Dont really have anything better to do tomorrow.
Okay im going to go blow my nose..constantly..now.
See you all very soon!

PS Can you believe weve been here for almost a month now? And that me and jamie have almost spent an entire month together? 24/7? And we still aint sick of eachother yet? Crazy!!

PPS I hope my blogs arent filled with TOO much sadness and negitive! This still remains to be the coolest funniest craziest trip ever! And even those i have snot just flowing out of my nose at a constant rate im still lovin every minute of this. So HORRAY, okay?!

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I am glad you two are going to expo! Would have been a shame to miss it when you are right there. Glad also that you and Jamie ain't sick of each other! Thats what good friends is all about!!! Love Ya!

by Dev373

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