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Hello all. Day 24?
So I realized what the whole cant breath my lungs are burning thing was. I had a sore throat coming on...DER. So thats unfortunate. Ive been trying to injest lots of liquids today. Currently downing some sort of green tea with honey drink. Its not bad. If this dont cure me I dont know what will. Not feeling as unwell either. Still kind of off rice and fried dishes. So thats been going well.
Another thing i kind of wanted to mention was the amount of bottles they use here! Like obviously we are going to be using alot of bottles here. Only drinking bottled water and such. But even at resteraunts. They serve everything in bottles. So many bottles not enough recycling bins! They also seem to litter here more. Drives me mad watching someone just toss trash on the ground without a care. dummys. Like when we were on that little boat ride in the 3 gorges i saw this one boat leader guy throw an empty bottle at this other boat. Which then of course landed in the water. ooo i was mad. I was real mad. Your supposed to be manning these waters, Sir!
Anyway after where ever i left you off last me and jamie didnt do to much. Took a walk through this little markety place around our hotel. Well, i guess it wasnt really little. It was actually quite large. And it was like a maze. I just wanted out after a while. This place can kind of drive you mad like that. Everywhere you go people trying to sell you things. Then you buy things and people guilt you for lowering the price. For instance jamie was looking for a fan. She found a fan. It was the same sort of fan i had bought earlier for 10$. (the lady i bought it from was not happy with my price either) but ya so she wanted 20 but jamie wouldnt go for anything except for 10. After turning down her offer and walking away the lady was all like FINE and took her money and shook her head at us. I hate it :( We aint cut out for this sort of thing. After we escaped the market we found a subway! Like...the sandwhichy kind. That was exciting. Ive never seen anyone put so much care into a subway sandwhich. I personally would say to much care was put forth. Not enough veggies for my liking. Anyway, thats not interesting.
We stayed in that night and jamie fed me tea. Woke up with my throat in worse condition. More mc d's for breakfast. We done with Mc ds for breakfast! To much. Then it was off to the Terra Cotta warriors. That was pretttyy intereestting. I dunno. It was good. It was good. Yea. Yea it was good.
More subway for lunch to avoid the fried dishes Louis was planning on feeding us. Then we came back to the hotel. Ate shit.
More trains tomorrow. Possibly have some more internet time before that happens. Possibly not. I HATE TRAINS! YUCK.
K bye!

Posted by BaileyJam 02:26

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I agree, I hate bartering too (we had it in the Dominican) Hope you are feeling better Bailey.One more week, enjoy it, you havent been to Shanghai yet, will you go to Expo? Sue

by kalla1

nawe i dont think we are going to go to the expo. we dont have alot of time there, and louis said it wasnt worth it cuz of all the big lines


by BaileyJam

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