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How bout we get some complaining out of the way before we really get into this blog?
I havent been feeling 100% Im not totally wrecked or anything. Just sort of queezy stomache sort of thing. Im also getting quite sick of all this fried chinese food. Fried egg rice. When i first had it i couldnt get enough. Now i can barely even look at it. And Louis (or tour guide) takes us out for some chinese meal everyday and i keep saying. No im not going to eat anything. Cause the thought of it makes me sick. But then i eat it anyway cause it always looks delicious..and it usually is...I just need like. Some sort of cheesy caserole or something to change it up. I am kind of off rice though for the time being. I have kept that up. I think jamies not feeling 100% either. But we are both still mobile and doing good enough. I think all the junk food might be getting to me.
ALSO i cant breath today! My throats really burning. Im thinking it might be all the pollution and the fact that everyone smokes here. And you can pretty much smoke anywhere here. Like in this internet bar for instance. BLEGH.
Okay moving along. I left you off the day i got off that boat. After that Louis took us out for another chinese meal. And, as i said, I ate it even though i said i wouldnt. It was quite delicious..Wasnt feeling too good after that. Kind of planned on turning in for the night. But me and the group of us just decided to check out some bars first. See what they look like. First bar we head into I think we are walking into a strippers club. Its this wild funky little place that looks like it should be some crazy club but is actually a quite little bar. We kind of sit down. And some chinese folk actually start speaking to us! It was so pleasant. We were actually having a conversation with some locals rather then have them just stare at us from a few feet away. First we are greeted by (possibly) the bar owner. Thats what we think she was anyway. She was the cutest nicest girl EVER. Too much cute. we could barely handle it. She also appeared to have a thing for this other guy on our tour. She was all like "This boy is very charming. tee hehehehe" And when he just sort of wiped his forhead she ran and fetched him a tissue to dabble up his sweat. hah. And then there was this hip cute chinese boy who had sticken up a conversation with us. I guess he was there to sing at that bar. He told us he was actually on like..a chinese version of american idol called super boy and he came in the top 5. We were all very impressed and got his autograph. Later that night he seranaded some micheal jackson to us (you are not alone) and even sang some Knaan (waving flag) I was super excited. But that song is the theme song to the world cup soccer...something or other. They are crazy about that song. This morning when we went for mc donalds for break fast they actually played that song NON stop on repeat at mc donalds. It was terrible. You dont do that. You dont play a song on repeat like that. Its just so obviously going to kill the song. Anyway i forgot to mention what really reeled us in at that bar. Julie asked if she could have 1 beer. The cute chinese lady was all like 1 beer?!?! You buy 12 beer and get 6 free! And we were all like wtf?! OK. So we shared 18 beers between the 5 of us. Good times.
The next morning we had a long ass stinky as shit train ride to look forward too. And damn was it long and stinky ass shit. Despite being long and stinky and not feeling to well it was one of the funner rides. It was filled with lots of riddles, card tricks and go fish. Didnt sleep tooooo goood. But good enough for a train ride i suppose.
This morning we got into our new hotel somewhere around 7. Its pretty nice. We got a fridge. And the hotel nicely supplys each room with condomns. So thoughtful! We had an hour to freshen up and then it was off to the city wall. (We are in Xi'An now by the way) Its hot as hell here. But we alll decided to go for the bike cycling (as louis likes to call it) anyways. Me and jamie went tandom again. Jamie was nice enough to drag my exauhsted as around the whole 13.5 kilometer wall. After that Louis fed us more chinese food. One dish actually had cashews in it! I was quite excited about the cashews. And that brings us to here. Tomorrow is the taricotta warriors. Dont know how to spell that. Me and jamie are off in search of some Subway while everyone else goes out for Dim Sum. "Why would you skip out on dim sum?!" you might ask. Cause we feel like it thats why. With my vegitarian condition and lack of desire for chinese food in general, it just would not be worth it.
Alright thats it for now. You guys are all da bomb.

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