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It appears to be day 16 and everything is continuing to go very well. Great sleep last night in a very comfy bed. (or at least in comparison to past beds it was very comfy. I dont think I told you about the insanly hard beds in our first hotel. SUPER hard. Like the bed was literally just made of wood. It was terrible) and this morning i woke up bright and early to see the clothing situation. We did get our clothes. They were damp but we got them. Hurray! We wanted to try running into town for breakfast but we had no time so we had to just eat at the hotel resteraunt again. Not to bad. Just went for the toast, fruit and coffee. We survived. After that was the bike ride. Me and jamie decided to go tandum. Tandom? We decided to go on a bycicle built for 2. Amazing, right? It was. It was a pretty long bike ride. We were riding over to this farmers house where he would feed us, we would hike up this crazy mountain and bike back home. The bike riding was an experiance. Driving a bike built for 2 is pretty intence...at first anyway. Theres a lot to be stearing and a lot more weight to worry about. Also its not that easy going slow or stopping. I drove us the way there. It started raining halfway there. It always starts raining here. This place sure likes to rain. We ran for cover for a while but then we just gave up on it and continued on our way. I was pretty much blind by the end of it. Water and makup going into my eyes. It was a hard pour too. Also by the end of it my green shirt start turning yellow in some spots. I think i sweat bleach sometimes. So we eventually get to the farmers house. Come to think of it it didnt really seem like a farmers house. I did not see no farmer or farm house. maybe i wasnt looking. we didnt even see who cooked our meal. but either way it was good. Unfortunaly most of the meals had meat in them. Just like, cooked carrots with little bits of meat in it. Or green beens with little bits of meat. I didnt want to go hungry or anything so i picked around the meat :( not something i like doing but. Ugh. I decided after this trip im definitely going to remain a hardcore vegitarian. I have to after all this work. Not that i planned on ever stopping. But you know how it is. Im not the only one whose tried and failed at being a vegitiarian. This might be the real deal finally! It made me happy to drive past all the little cows and know that i dont eat them! Okay anyway so we filled our bellies. I was cold wet and exauhsted at this point. but we had a mountain to climb. we had the choice to sit it out but...i was there. so i went for it. 500 steps. 500 slippers steps. With old ladies following you all the way there ready to sell you beverages. Also on that trip. even on our bikes when we would stop for a moment we would always get swarmed with old smiley ladies trying to sell you things. Mostly flowery head bands or rain jackets. No matter how many times you say no they never leave. And these old ladies following us up the hill was a true act of perseverance. It was unbelievable. One lady actually started fanning me on the way up! I felt like a queen! Finally got to the top. It was painful. but we got there. The view was indeed beautiful. I just couldnt stop thinking about how exhausted i was. but the view was beautiful. Went back down. Me and jamie were holding hands very tight all the way up and down. On the way down everyone was trying to convince me it was more dangerous to hold hands. I kept insisting it was safer. Just then jamie takes the biggest slip of her life. I swear if i wasnt holding onto her shed be done for. but i was there. To save her. It was hilarious. After that the grip got much tighter. Bycicled back. Jamie was in the front. The back of the bike was sweet! you dont have to do anything at all! just sit there and enjoy life. Excpet my ass hurt like hell in the back...but it was good. On the way back into town though i couldnt believe the traffic. All of us were trying to get through this traffic circle and there were cars and busses and motercycles everywhere driving right into you honking at you. It was pure insanity!! I cant believe i survived. Oh god and on a tandom bike. It was impossible. ack. The rest of the day has encluded lounging around and stuffing our faces. Supper tonight included curried veggies (seriously. we CANT GET ENOUGH) veggy dumplings, 2 bowls of rice, a beer, a pina coloda, and 2 milkshakes all for 90 chinese dollers. Which works out to be maybe like...15$ canadian? Its really unbelievable. like seriously. Do we have that right?! Cause i cant believe it! Im at a swank internet bar right now. Thats why my writing isnt as rushed today. Yesterday i used the internet at the hotel. SO bad. SO slow. It was killing me. 6 chinese dollers for an hour. In this internet bar its 3 for an hour. And their internet is super fast. and im sitting in a big comfy couch. and theres a guy watching a movie AND playing world of war craft sitting next to me. Its good.
OH something i forgot to talk about yesterday. When we were driving to the river rafting place i seriously had the MOST terrifing experiance of my life. We were driving along. And the drive was already terrifing from all the near fatal crashes we had. Driving is rediculous here. Everyone honks ever few seconds. And back home when some one honks its like Oh god whose honking, why are they honking, what am i doing wrong ahhh. Here its just like. So common. There were many occasions where we were only cenimeters away from hitting another vehicle. Thats just how traffic is here. ANYway. we are driving along and all the sudden i hear loud gunfirey noises. Lots of loud gunfirey noises. I was completely convinced we were in the middle of a HUGE gang shoot out. I was convinced i was done for. After a few moments though i realized..they were just setting off like a million fireworks at once just in the middle of the sidewalk. Like. Wtf...I dont even know. But i thought it was over. And then of course seconds later everyones back to their chit chatting while im sitting there trying to understand how i am still alive. Man.

Anyway i hope this was long and involved enough for you. This internet bar is amazingly cozy and great. So i thought id really dish it out today. Also something i wanted to mention is I realize my spelling is terrible. (I was going to mention this yesterday) I just want you to know i know. And theres nothing we can do about it. So pity me. I guess ill get back to surfing the net. (not facebook unfortunatly...doesnt work here) and stuffing my face.

Posted by BaileyJam 05:10

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glad you got your clothes back, sounds like they got wet again anyway!

by kalla1

thanks Bailey, for saving Jamie!

by kalla1

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