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OKAY Something i just forgot to mention is how much clearer our vision is down here. Me and jamie both noticed. We couldnt believe how clear everything is down here. Its like we are seeing in HD. Really. Compared to living in smog for a whole month i feel like i have perfect vision now. Its pretty cool. I also appritiate all this nice clean fresh air im getting here. I can finally take a nice deep breath in! Yay
Okay i just thought that was interesting. Im probably going to randomly post other interesting things i remember and people just wont even care anymore

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GUYS. It appears Jamie and I have both made a safe return home to Edmonton. "Didnt you like..just get home?" You ask? "Shouldnt you like...be spending time with your family or something?" You inquire? Well a few moments were spent till my brosiff Nicholas came home with a sprained/possibly broken ankle of some sort. So my familys left me to go hang out at the hospital. Anyway you didnt come here to listen to my life story you came here to listen to me rant further about my trip. It appears i left you off somewhere around day 27. I didnt get to go into much detail about the expo so i am choosing to do so now.
It was spectacular.
Get there somewhere around..930? The line appears to be quittee long. Probably because it was. But it actually didnt take that long to get in. Maybe thats just cause we kept ourselves with a game that im going to call "What ever you do dont let these pushy ladies behind us dressed in red and blue get in front of us" That was good times. And technically i woulda say victory is ours. Even though somehow the ladies got through the security check before us. That was just unfair. Moving along.
Jamie and I werent entirely sure what to expect from this expo. But like i said. It pleasantly surprised us. The buildings were so unreal. I cant believe how much effort is put into this expo. Just to tear it down later? CONFUSED. But anyway. We were pleased enough with just walking around and staring at the outside of these buildings but we decided to finally run into one of them and we chose Spain. Good choice I woulda say. Its kind of hard to explain all of what was in that building. Its better explained through pictures...But like i think i mentioned before. Just picture a huge ass baby. Like. Huge. And not like some dumb fake looking baby. A real like huge effing baby. And us little people. Staring in awe. It was so random and suprising. I dont know what it had to do with anything but i loved it.
Ya honestly all of the expo is better explained through pictures. Except for the American pavilion. GOODNESS. Over an hour long line up (longest line up we had to endure) Only to have them trap us in 3 seperate theaters to watch 3 seperate movies basically just thanking us for coming to their pavilion. Everytime we finished one movie we were all like. Okay im ready to actually see the pavilion. and then it was just another movie. And then they ended it with a room filled with their sponcers trying to sell us stuff. Terrible.
We ran our asses off around that expo because we train to catch that night to Beijing. Our last train! It was actually the most pleasant train yet..in my opinion. No terrible oder, decent air conditioning, a squatter that supplies toilet paper soap and a good flusher! Ya it was quite nice.
Final thoughts on Shanghai after only being there a few days. It was pretty okay. Lots of interesting buildings. Thats about the most i can say about it.
So we get to Beijing. Getting a taxi for all of us was trouble. Driving all the way to the hotel was trouble. Driving in general in China is trouble. Saw 2 accidents on the way there.Also like i think I mentioned..Did the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City thing. And like i said. Quite interesting. And like i also probably said. It would have been more interesting if i actually had a chance at fully understanding what the 2 places were all about. I mean if you sat down and had a 1 on 1 info session i could probably figure it out. But, ive just never been good with the whole history thing. Day ended with the Kung Fu show...Im thinking i should have read what i already wrote about all this crap before i started writing this...but..its to late now! I really enjoyed the kung fu show. It was sort of a dance/kung fu presentation/play sort of thing. It had it all. The kids did fricken back flips on their heads. Seriously!
Next day, being day 31, was our last day as a group. SO SAD. It was an epicly awesome day though. Woke up early for one last breakfast at the bakery. I LOVES THE BAKERYS. Then it was off to the GREAT WALL OF CHINA. That was truly an amazing experience. We took a 2 minute gondola up the hill. Did lots of walking. It was just....so cool. I mean we walked the great wall of china! How cool is that?! And to be able to walk it with such a great group of people. Oh and there were donkeys. Afterwards we too the taboggon down the hill. That was super sweet. Till people started to slow down. Every few seconds though youd have to taboggon past some chinese dude who would just be staring at you and you could never tell if they were trying to tell you to slow down or speed up. Regardless everytime you passed them they would shout something at you to make you feel like you did the wrong thing. After that we all ate subway. Cause they had a subway at the bottom of the great wall. SWEET EH?
AFTER THATTT was the silk market. Which was more then a silk market. I was the biggest most bad ass market ive seen yet. There were some ruthless people. Ruthless grabby people. " HAY LADY YOU WANT SHIRT?" HAY PRETTY LADY" " HAY PRETTY LADY YOU WANT JEANS BUY SOME JEANS MAYBE FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND LADY?" It was a mad house. Me and jamie got out of there with only a few scars (emotional scars that is) and a some pretty sweet buys. New backpack for me. Converse shoes for jamie. Pokemon cards. Good stuff.
Also there was a classic moment of the day. Actually I guess 2 classic moments.
First moment. I was wandering the silk market. Totally focused on just looking for cool shit when someone tugs on my back pack. Which i was actually wearing on the front. I was totally freaked out someone was trying to snatch my luggages when i look up to see louis's smiling face. "scarreddd you!" he said. tee heeing and such. It was pretty funny.
Then later that day Julie pretty much did the same thing to me from behind though. That also scared the shit out of me. She totally tried and failed at mugging me.
AFTER THAT was our final dinner. MORE SAD. Everyone went for the pekking duck. Me and jamie went for the vegitable fried dishes. Food was good. Besides the little squiggly piece of metal i found in my food. I opted not to tell anyone about that as to not ruin our nice final dinner. Good times were had. Louis made a heart wrenching speach. He told us he loved us! Each and every one of us! GOD louis is amazing. Normally, he says, he doesnt swear to his groups. But he swore we were his best group! Yay!!
AFTER THAT (god is there any other way i could transition this? All i got is after that) As i was saying. After that was 30$ for all you can drink at the Juicy Spot. Amazing hay?I mean 30 Yuen for all you can drink is sweet enough. But its even better when its at a place called the Juicy Spot. The bar was decent. Had some good times there. Got some not so tasty pina coladas. And other random shit. MAN was a dirty mouth i have. I apologize. Except not to sincerely i guess cause im probably going to keep it up. Me and jamie decided to cut the night off at 2. For we had high hopes of waking up at 6 the next day for a quick zoo visit before we had to board the plane and GTFO of china. Final goodbyes. So sad. Seriously everyone on this trip has been so amazing. Here we go. Im really gunna get into a rant now. I have doubts that many people are still reading at this point. But damnit im gunna keep writing anyway.
Before this tour thing started me a jamie were super skeptical. Not having as much freedom, hanving to wait for people in such a large group. Stuff like that. And the first day when we were all in the same room together just listening ot Louises poetic voice telling us the itinerary and what not, we didnt do much talking to people or anything. We kind of expected to just be all in little cliques not really getting to social or anything. But by the end of the trip we were just like one big family! Louis even told us we are one of the most harmonious groups hes had. Hah so i think you get the point now. The tour was good. The people were fun. And louis is a legend
Honestly though. After those goodbyes jamie and I totally sobbed like babies all the way back to the hotel. it was heart breaking.
As you may have already guessed me and jamie did not make our 6:00 wake up arrangments. Instead we woke up at 9. We decided to still go for the zoo anyway cause damnit, I wanted to see a panda! Made it to the zoo at 10. Zoo was less then impressive. I think west ed might have better sanctuaries. Pandas looked kind of sad. But what animal doesnt look sad at a zoo. They were all extremely adorable though. Even the one where i could only see his butt. He had an adorable butt. It was kind of sad walking into the panda house however and being greeted by a stuffed panda carcass...I mean it was cool to actually be able to see the whole panda and the face and everything. But. Its so not cool see a dead stuffed panda carcass. Ya. I was happy to see them. We pretty much just saw the pandas and got out of that place. It was time. Time to head to the airport. Took maybe around 40 minutes to get there. We got one last look at the crazy ass traffic in the smoggy setting of beijing city.
Usually I just knock myself out and sleep the whole way on the plane. But this plane had some pretty cool movies so i was all like SCREW IT IM HAVING AN ALL NIGHTER. Which is still happening. Seriously guys ive been awake for over 30 hours. Im kind of losing it a bit at this point. Oh the plane ride from beijing to vancouver so quite horrendous. It had everything. Annoying kid sitting behind jamie kicking her seat hardcore, a vast amount of non stop crying babies in the distance, 2 men annoying the hell out of us in front, (they were big time horkers. As in spit horkers. I thought we were getting away from all the spit horking but now. They were coming with us) And the food was shitty. Which you may think is expected but i dont know. I usually dont hate the plane food. So ya 10 hours later that ended and we were in vancouver. I ran and got my tim hortans. yay. we also ran and got our salt and vinager chips. Also yay. vancouver to edmonton. Edmonton to home.

How sad. All this fun blogging is over now. I must find something interesting to do with myself quick so i can keep this up. But ya, I guess this concludes the China blog. You guys have been great....Sue.....Mom.....Jamies grandma. Thanks for all the support guys. haha what am i doing. Im just gunna stop talking now. Stop talking....FOREVER EVER EVER EVER (start saying it quieter) ever ever ever ever evverrr

WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before I go here are my thoughts on china. I think hong kong gets its own seperate thoughts cause it was just sort of a toally different place. An amazing place. Definitely my faveorite place. It was wild crazy and hecktik but it was also very calm and beautiful. Just depends on where you were. China on the other hand is a little bit more...raw. A little bit morrre. Um...Yuck. I feel like the beautiful parts in china were harder to come by. It was hard to see the beautiful parts with all the babies taking shits in the middle of the streets wearing their crotchless pants. I dont know. China was just a neat experiance. an extremely facinating and eye opening experiance. As for my faveorite location though Hong Kong takes it. After that maybe Yangshuo...If thats how you spell it. and if thats actually the place im thinking of. Also overall this trip has just been straight up amazing. Who knew you could spend a whole month, 24/7 with someone and not totally rip eachother apart. Actually there was one quick brief moment where we were both totally going to kick eachothers asses. But Nick was there. And im not sure how the chinese would have taken that. So we just decided to take it easy. All in all. GOOD TIMES.

Now jamies going to step in with a few words seeing as how i totally took over this entire thing. Cause im like that.

oh man thats tricky
its all such a blur
in some aspects china was alot more different than i thought, but at the same time more similar than i thought
hong kong was the most amazing place ive ever been...
i think the whoel trip made me more confident that i could maybe do things on my own if i wanted to
and seeing all those famous things.. liek the teracotta warriors and the great wall... its so weird, becasue you can never really imagine what it will be like
and even after doing it. it feels sortof.  like it never happened
um. people with accents are generally hilarious. and its very amazing to see people from all over the globe just almost instantly bond and possibly have lasting friendships
okay. i think thats it

Beautiful words jamie.
ok ill stop shouting/capps locking it
Eff not farewell. Where am i going. Its more like hello cause im back.
ok ok..
I just feel like an idiot now. I really kind of hope everyones stopped reading at this point.


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HAY GUYS. coming to you from the beijing hotel. my friend nicks comptuer. its small and frustrating and julies waiting to get on here. just thougght id let you know the expo was absolutly wicked awesome, the last train was actually quite bearable and beijing is crazy. trips winding down now. How sad! I think ill blog into deeper detail later. I just felt i havent bloged in a while. You people should comment more.....
teinimen square and forbidden city today were pretty interesting. KUNG FU SHOW. SO fun hah IM EXAUHSTED AND MISS YOU AND EVERYONE AND EVERYONE

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Twentyth Blog? WOW


I think its like...day 27? Im confused now because i was under the impression i was staying in china for 30 days. But..Im not coming home in 3 days. Im coming home on the 24th of june...So i guess im in china for more then 30 days? How hardcore of me!
Like i said..or possibly didnt say. Took a 16 hour train to Shanghai. UG trains. dumb trains. We were going through a spot that had malaria (our nice and handy doctor friend told us that) so everyone put on lottss of bug repellent that night. I had 3 different repellents covering my body and i did not get one bite! Neither did jamie i dont think. Only one girl we know did...and i think shes okay. So great! Didnt sleep well on the train. My illness was going through the process of turning into a full fledged cold. So my breathing was a bit off. But we made it. Made it to Shanghai. First day in Shanghai was shitty. Just a straight up bad day. Got in about..130. Hot as HELL. Possibly hotter. With our huge ass bags. And i had a cold. SO HOT. We had to take the subway a couple stops then walk a few blocks to our hotel with stupid ass people shoving flyers in our faces trying to sell us bags purses and watchs. The minute your done saying NO to one person theres another person trying to sell the exact same thing. Everyone was quite miserable. Finally made it to the hotel. None of our rooms are ready. Except for one. So we decide to drag our sweaty post train grimy bodies into the hotel resteraunt and eat something while we wait. Cant order anything cause nothings in english and all the pictures appear to have meat on everything. Wait for louis to order us a vegitarian meal. Noodles and broccoli. Its essentially the cup of noodles we had on the train. Not great. Rooms still not ready. Have to go on the little orientation walk to get us familiar with the area. The area is quite nice actually. Lots of trees. Quaint looking shops. Nice area. Get back around 4 or 5. Rooms are FINALLY done. We shower and shit (litterally) then its off to the acrobat show. That was pretty hilarious. I think i would have been more impressed if I didnt already see that same sort of thing back home at k days. But it was still impressive of course. They used the corniest music. Just your average..corny music. And the anouncer lady was anouncing the next act..."No one can forget the beautiful love sort of jack and ?erty?sdff?"
"Jack and who?" I say

  • music starts* "Evvverrry night in myy dreams, I see you, i feeell you, that is how i know you. Go oonnn"

So if you diddnt get that. They had a whole little titanic segment of the show. Guy and a girl and 2 ribbons hanging from the ceiling...ceiling? is that how you spell it? Roof? Anyway they wrapped themselve in that, danced around. It was really impressive. I just cant explain it. At one point the guy was wrapped up really high up twirling around and hanging on to the girl by i rope tied to her neck...Messed.
The show ended with the ball of death...as they called it. It was a big caged ball and 5 whole people riding motercycles in it. Also messed. Oh and one was a sexy lady. She was left for last of course. Yay sexy ladies driving moter cycles in leather in the ball of death. Oh and they played star wars music for that one. harharahrhar
After that louis said he was taking us for italian dinner. I was alll like YAY super cheesy delicious lasangia! Too bad my hopes were so high. It wasnt that impressive. not to many vegitarian options. Got a pizza and some sort of pasta to share with jamie. It was decent.
Next day (today) louis took us on another walk around shanghai. He eventually split up with us as we continued to walk. Over 6 hours of non stop walking! It was unbelievable when we realized. What I got from this day is that Shanghai
1. Its not as hot as that first day every day. Today was a bit cooler. Bit rainy. Quite nice
2. Has lots of cool and interesting buildings
3. Its SUPPER over populated
Not to much else to offer here for the most part. I found a smoothie place! I was so excited. It was called Boost. I got a berry smoothie and then later got like...the healthiest smothie ever. With musli, green tea, banana protein, soy milk, with an engery immunity and..something else booster. SO healthy and SO delicious. Yayy
Tomorrows plan is the world expo. Thats right. We doin it guys. Everyone was all like You goin to the expo? before we came. And yup we are. Even though we had alot of people (including louis)telling us not to go, its not worth it, lines are crazy blah blah. We decided to go for it. Justcause. Dont really have anything better to do tomorrow.
Okay im going to go blow my nose..constantly..now.
See you all very soon!

PS Can you believe weve been here for almost a month now? And that me and jamie have almost spent an entire month together? 24/7? And we still aint sick of eachother yet? Crazy!!

PPS I hope my blogs arent filled with TOO much sadness and negitive! This still remains to be the coolest funniest craziest trip ever! And even those i have snot just flowing out of my nose at a constant rate im still lovin every minute of this. So HORRAY, okay?!

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Ninteenth Blog


So what if i had to stay in last night while everyone went out. At least I can finally say with confidence "Yes, ive had diarehha before"
You really can put a positive spin on anything! We have made a doctor friend on this trip. (Julie) Shes fed me some drugs and i am feeling better today. The heat is still a bitch however. But. Its better then freezing to death! Yes yes. Today we checked out of our Xi'An hotel and headed down to the Big Goose Pagoda. (I think thats how you spell it) and we were suprised by this big watery fountain show. That was actually pretty cool. They had music. And fountains. hah yea it was cool. And we finnnally trudged (trudged? yaa thats a word) our way to the pagoda and it was 50 Yuen and we were all like screw that weve seen enough. We took some nice pictures outside the place though! Trudged back to the taxi cab area. Came back to our hotel area. And i debated getting a cool musical instrument. I dont know what they are called but i always see that asian edmontonian busker guy playing one in the lrt station. Its just like a stick with a ball at the end and one string and a bow. I would have been all over that if I had a safe way of getting it home and if I didnt have a barely used accordian, electric guitar and banjo waiting for me at home. Now we are back in this stinky ass internet cafe...But at least the internet works good and its cheap! Yayy
More trains coming up later today. I think we are gunna try and find another wal mart possibly. Buy more food. Eat more food. Good times.

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